Member Policies

Timebanks of Puget Sound exists to provide members the ability to build community through service to one another. We can’t provide this service without your strong support. To ensure that you know about our membership policies, please read the text below. Let your timebank coordinator know if you have any questions.

New Members

New members are required to attend an orientation meeting at your neighborhood or community timebank to complete the application process, learn about the exchange software, and gather ideas on skills to offer and request. Members earn one Time Credit for attending the one-hour orientation.

Time Credit Limits on Negative Balances

Our goal is to encourage the reciprocity of all parties, thereby contributing to the overall effectiveness of the timebank. It is understood that both individual and organizational members will have negative balances at times. When you first join, you may find a great opportunity to receive a service before you find an opportunity to provide one. However, out of fairness to all, we want to discourage excessive negative balances. Therefore, the following rules have been created.

Individual Negative Balance: If an individual member accrues a -10 hour balance a conversation will be initiated by a representative of your timebank to check in with you. If you are unsure of the skills you can offer, the representative will make suggestions and assistance in helping you appreciate the skills you really have. If you are not receiving requests for your offers, you and a representative will review your service offers and attempt to make matches or work with you to polish your offers, if necessary.

Organization Negative Balance: If an organization accrues a -50 hour negative balance, a conversation will be initiated by a representative of the timebank. Topics of the conversation will include specific suggestions to the organization of ways they can earn Time Credits.

Background Checks

All timebank applicants go through a basic level of screening. See Screening Guidelines for more information.


Prior to a member using his/her vehicle to provide a timebank service (by driving another member, or running errands for them, etc. as part of the service), or listing any service that includes using his/her vehicle on the website, the driver must be approved by the TimeBanks of Puget Sound as an approved driver. The approval is based on successful completion a driver’s record check, an auto insurance check, and a visual check of the automobile to be driven. See the Driver’s Policy, Agreement and Checklist.   If you are interested in using your vehicle to provide a timebank service, contact your timebank coordinator to start this approval process. Note that driving to and from a location to provide a service (for example, driving from your house to a member’s house to weed their garden) does not constitute using your vehicle to provide a time bank service.


As of July 1, 2013, membership is open to all ages. Parent or guardian approval will be required for anyone under 18, and the parent or guardian is fully responsible for determining if sufficient supervision is provided for the minor for any exchange. The parent or guardian can choose to allow the minor to have their own timebank account, or can have the minor share their account.

Timebank Group Events

TimeBanks of Puget Sound and neighborhood/community timebank members may hold classes or group events for Time Credits — but they still earn just one Time Credit for each hour they put into the class or event (in preparation, running the class or event and doing the after-class or after-event work). If a number of members turn up, each paying in Time Credits for the time they participate, there will an excess of Time Credits — and the excess will go to TimeBanks of Puget Sound or your neighborhood/ community timebank.

Political Candidates

TimeBanks of Puget Sound or neighborhood/community timebanks are prohibited from supporting or opposing candidates for public office in any political campaign.

Membership Agreement

 See the Member Application, see How to Join.


Every recipient of member-provided services understands and agrees that TimeBanks of Puget Sound and my neighborhood/ community timebank does not, and cannot, warrant or guarantee the quality or value of those services since TimeBanks of Puget Sound and my neighborhood/ community timebank exercise no supervision or control over the provider. TimeBanks of Puget Sound and my neighborhood/community timebank act only as coordinating organizations introducing providers and recipients of timebank services and do so without any warranties whatsoever.

There may be situations when the service provided does not meet the expectations of the receiver. Wherever possible, appreciation of another’s best efforts is part of what makes the timebank work. Additionally, all problems should be brought to the attention of TimeBanks of Puget Sound or see the Contact Us page


All members must protect the privacy and confidentiality of other members. A member can be dismissed from the program for violating this rule. The only exception for sharing information is when a member feels that the health and/or safety of another person is in danger. Contact us with any concerns you have.

Member Contributions

Each neighborhood and community timebank collects donations.

Individuals and Households :
No cost to join.

Organizational donations are appreciated:
No cost to join

Code of Conduct

– All TimeBanks of Puget Sound members are expected to agree to and abide by the following:

– Prior to receiving a service, I will first ascertain the competency of the server to deliver that service to the extent that meets my level of comfort

– I will clarify all details of my transaction before meeting with my partner, including agreeing on expenses, which are the responsibility of the recipient. Expenses might include reimbursement for gas, materials required to provide the service, etc.

– I will respect my exchange partner’s privacy and confidentiality.

– I will recognize that my timebank service is voluntary.

– I will respect my exchange partner’s home, property and valuables.

– I will refrain from smoking in or bringing pets to my exchange partner’s home, unless invited to do so.

– I will post and maintain at least one offer and one request on the timebank website with my availability, or be working with a timebank representative to help with identifying my skills and needs..

– Communication is key to a successful timebank, and it is my responsibility to answer all timebank phone calls and emails directed to me promptly.

– I will seek out, via the timebank website, offers from other members that appeal to me.

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