Driver’s Policy

Timebanks of Puget Sound Member Driver’s Policy

  1. General. Members of neighborhood or community timebanks in the Timebanks of Puget Sound organization (collectively, “Members”) may offer driving, transporting, and carrying services as a timebank service, except as noted below.  The following requirements must be met prior to offering driving as a timebank service:
    •  the driver’s driving record must be checked.
    • The driver’s vehicle must be inspected by a designated timebank representative, and
    • the driver must sign the AGREEMENT FOR THE USE OF A VEHICLE IN TIMEBANK VOLUNTEER SERVICE (attached and referred to as the “Driving Agreement”).

2.  Driver’s Driving Record Check.  If a timebank member expresses a desire to provide driving services the timebank coordinator will arrange for a vehicle inspection and completion of a driving record check.

a.  No individual that has been driving less than 2 years may offer driving as a timebank service.

b.  Prior to offering driving services in connection with the timebank, the driver must sign the Driving Agreement and the driver’s vehicle must pass the timebank vehicle inspection.  After the inspection and agreement are completed, a Washington State driving record check is processed.  If no incidents are recorded on the driver’s driving record, approval is given by the timebank coordinator to post services related to driving.

c.  Driving records are checked every 2 years thereafter for those drivers that wish to continue offering driving services.

3.  If there is a moving violation or a chargeable accident within the past 2 years, the Member must wait until after 2 years of infraction-free driving to request another driving record check for consideration.  Determination that an unreported moving violation or chargeable accident has occurred while a driver has been offering timebank driving services will result in a loss of that Member’s ability to offer driving services for a period of 3 years from the date the determination is made.  A report to the timebank coordinator is required for any member approved to offer timebank driving services in the following timeframes: a moving violation within 15 days of settlement and a chargeable accident must be reported within 15 days of adjudication.

4.  If there is more than one non-chargeable accident on the driver’s driving record within the past 2 years, the driver must provide information explaining the circumstances surrounding the accidents and why the driver feels these accidents should not be taken into consideration.  Upon receipt of the driver’s information, the timebank administrator will request consideration by the Timebanks of Puget Sound Background Check Screening Review Committee.  The decision of the Background Check Screening Review Committee may be appealed to the Timebanks of Puget Sound Board of Directors if the driver desires.  The decision of the Background Check Screening Review Committee is final unless the Member files an appeal to the Timebanks of Puget Sound Board of Directors within 30 days of the committee’s decision.  The Timebanks of Puget Sound Board of Directors decision on such an appeal is final.

5.  Vehicle Inspection and Agreement.  The Timebanks of Puget Sound Timebank Vehicle Inspection Checklist will be completed with the driver present.  All vehicle inspectors will be approved by the Executive Director of Timebanks of Puget Sound, a specifically-designated staff member, or a designated board member.   Timebank vehicle inspectors must use the approved Vehicle Inspection Checklist and recommend that the vehicle and driver meet the requirements to provide timebank driving services using the inspected vehicle.  The Member must submit a signed and dated Driving Agreement to the inspector upon completion of the inspection.  A Member or a Member’s vehicle that has not been recommended as a satisfactory may appeal the recommendation or inspection results to the Timebanks of Puget Sound Board of Directors.  The Timebanks of Puget Sound Board of Directors decision on such an appeal is final in regard to offering timebank services.



There are special risks and considerations involved in using a motor vehicle for providing services through Timebanks of Puget Sound.  Insurance requirements dictate that the timebank perform due diligence where motor vehicles are used as part of the volunteer services provided in connection with the timebank.  We hope you appreciate the considerations we are taking to safeguard you, timebank members, and the timebank.

Please review the items you need to bring with you to the vehicle & driver inspection on the attached checklist.  This checklist is what will be used for the inspection.  Please check each of these items yourself before you arrive at the inspection.

To be able to use a motor vehicle in providing timebank volunteer services, you are required to sign the following statement to ensure you understand and will comply with the timebank requirements.  Timebanks of Puget Sound reserves the right to withdraw, at any time, authorization to use your motor vehicle in connection with timebank volunteer services.



I understand that using a motor vehicle carries special responsibilities in providing timebank volunteer services.

I agree that:

  1. I will take time to check myself and my motor vehicle prior to providing any timebank volunteer service.
  2. I will only use timebank-inspected vehicles to provide timebank services.
  3. I will operate my vehicle in compliance with applicable laws and rules.
  4. I will maintain my vehicle in a safe condition.
  5. I will be sensitive to the needs and concerns of timebank members I am serving.
  6. I will report to the timebank any uncorrected material changes from the condition required by the vehicle inspection, laws or applicable rules.
  7. I will notify the timebank of any conviction, chargeable incident, or accident that occurs which involves me or the vehicle I will use to provide timebank volunteer service.  I will not provide any further driving services in connection with the timebank until I receive permission from the timebank to do so.
  8. I will not hold the timebank liable for any damages, losses or injuries resulting from my use of a motor vehicle in connection with timebank volunteer services.

Print your name: ________________________________________________________

Signature:  _______________________________________ Date signed: __________

Entered into Timebanks of Puget Sound database: Date ______________ by ______________

Downloadable Forms
–  Driver’s policy & Inspection Form MSWord  TimeBank Driver’s Policy
–  Driver’s policy & Inspection Form PDF  TimeBank Driver’s Policy


Timebanks of Puget Sound Vehicle Inspection Checklist



ƒ-  Vehicle’s Maintenance Records

–  Owner’s manual    Year _______ Make ___________ Model ___________

–  Driver’s License # ________________________ Expiration Date _______

Are there any driving restrictions on the Driver’s License?  If so, what ___________

–  Insurance Card – Company _______________       Expiration Date _______

–  Vehicle Registration & License Tab     License Number:  ______________

If the vehicle is not registered in the member’s name, need to have signed & dated permission to use the vehicle for timebank purposes from person it is registered to (date of permission within one year of the date of inspection or upcoming volunteer opportunity, whichever is later)

–  A Tire Pressure Gauge

–  If you have a First Aid Kit – CHECK for completeness & expiration dates


  1. ƒ  Visually inspect the vehicle’s body for damaged/missing parts that would interfere with the operation of the vehicle or safety of the driver or passengers
  2. ƒ  Check Tire Pressure – all tires & spare against the Owner’s Manual Specifications (or imprinted tire pressure on sidewall)
  3. ƒ  Tire tread > 2/32 minimum on any groove? [Insert a penny into each groove, Lincoln’s head down. The tire is unsatisfactory if the top of Abe’s head becomes uncovered by any of the grooves.]
  4.   Tire jack complete and operational?  Current roadside assistance enrollment may substitute.
  5. ƒ  Check headlights – High & Low beam fully operational
  6. ƒ  Front turn signals –left and right
  7. ƒ  Front Emergency Flasher Lights
  8. ƒ  Check Wipers for presence & pliability
  9. ƒ  Wiper Fluid level in reservoir
  10. ƒ  Oil level on dip stick, check level
  11. ƒ  Right Exterior mirror, if installed – check glass surface & adjustment
  12. ƒ  Seat Belts on passenger’s side function, cleanliness, and wear
  13. ƒ  Passenger seat – function & cleanliness
  14. ƒ  Tail lights & Brake lights – operational
  15. ƒ  Rear turn signals –left and right
  16. ƒ  Rear Emergency Flasher Lights
  17. ƒ  Left Exterior mirror, if installed – check glass surface & adjustment
  18. ƒ  Seat Belts on driver’s side  – function, cleanliness, and wear
  19. ƒ  Horn function check
  20. ƒ  Brake function check
  21. ƒ  Emergency brake function check
  22. ƒ  Window glass clear, unbroken or satisfactorily repaired, unobstructed, and complete
  23. ƒ  Driving check, as deemed necessary by the inspector

Vehicle Inspector’s signature _______________________________   Date _________________


NOTE: This inspection is conducted solely for the purposes of determining the suitability of a driver and an inspected vehicle in connection with volunteer services rendered in connection with the timebank.  The inspection is not intended to, and cannot be construed to conclusively determine that the inspected vehicle is safe, legal to operate or that the Member is legally qualified to operate the vehicle.