Timebank Members’ Code of Conduct

  • Prior to receiving a service, I will first ascertain the competency of the server to deliver that service to the extent that meets my level of comfort.

  • I will clarify all details of my transaction before meeting with my partner, including agreeing on expenses, which are the responsibility of the recipient. Expenses might include reimbursement for gas, materials required to provide the service, etc.

  • I will respect my exchange partner’s privacy and confidentiality.

  • I will recognize that my timebank service is voluntary.

  • I will respect my exchange partner’s home, property and valuables.

  • I will refrain from smoking in or bringing pets to my exchange partner’s home, unless invited to do so.

  • I will post and maintain at least one offer and one request on the timebank website with my availability, or be working with a timebank representative to help with identifying my skills and needs.

  • Communication is key to a successful timebank, and it is my responsibility to answer all timebank phone calls and emails directed to me promptly.

  • I will seek out, via the timebank website, offers from other members that appeal to me.