• Helping to Build Community, One Hour at a Time!

    Timebanks of Puget Sound is bringing a new way of building community and helping one another in neighborhoods and communities across the Puget Sound region. It's old-fashioned values of helping one another using high-tech tools.

    So, What is timebanking?

First, we encourage you to visit and learn about timebanking through your neighborhood or community timebank.
See links to area timebanks on the right.


The purpose of Timebanks of Puget Sound is to build more resilient neighborhoods by providing infrastructure for communities around Puget Sound to form local timebanks. 

Neighborhood or community timebanks can, in turn, give or exchange services within and among neighborhoods across the greater Puget Sound region. 

In timebanking, everyone’s time is equally valuable and equally valued. 

The resilience of our communities is increased by:

  • mobilizing existing human capabilities in our neighborhood to meet community needs,
  • enabling all in the neighborhood to contribute as assets in community service,
  • improving the health and well-being of those with needs,
  • providing opportunities for those underemployed or unemployed to both contribute service and also receive from someone here in the community, and
  • strengthening the bonds between neighbors and neighborhoods.